Considering Aircraft Base Maintenance - Hangar Documentation & Data Requirements

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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) looks at the various requirements to meet with “minimum” Base Maintenance Requirements both related to Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Best Practices

Control of Approved Data - Applicable to the Specific Aircraft

Approved Data to be available to:

○ Stores Inspector

○ Production Planning / Check Control

○ Support Staff / LAE

○ Technical Services & Quality Assurance

Admin System to ensure ongoing validity of approved data and other maintenance data which is required to support the ongoing maintenance process.

Creating Work Packages

Option 1 - Client Provides Physical Work Pack - Staff Require Training regarding the Client Documentation Control System & Technical Log Book - Defect Cards to be produced Locally

Option 2 - Client Provides Works Order - Physical Work Package is issued locally - Defect Cards to be locally produced

Process for Printing Work Pack Task Cards

Local Printing of Task Cards and Defect Cards as necessary.

Security of Work Package & Process Status Management

Process to ensure oversight and control of individual tasks - to include stage recording and handover process.

Production Planning Function and Co-ordination with Logistics

To be effective it needs to interface with the PART M Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and ideally to be able to influence the CAMO in a positive way.

Production Planning has to bring together a number of disparate elements to obtain the best possible result in the minimum time whilst recognising the importance of Safety, Human Performance and Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS)

Production Planning Tasks Include:

○ To ensure effective communication between production planning & logistics to identify and expedite shortages and material requirements

○ To manage manpower against timeline to ensure “on time” achievement of planned objectives

○ To ensure all inspection activities are complete within the allocated period and all required parts material has been ordered  

○ To co-ordinate logging of material issues to ensure effective client billing

○ To consolidate handovers and to ensure that full status is available to check controller and management

○ Tooling - Tooling needs to be available at the point of delivery of the maintenance, shortfalls and shortages should be minimised, the tooling requirement is typically known or at the very least the information related to the tooling requirement requirements are known. Waiting for tooling results in lost time!

○ Equipment - As with tooling above all equipment needs to be available to both support the correct access requirements as well as to again minimise lost time.

Next Steps

Sofema Aviation Services SAS ( and Sofema Online (SOL) ( provide Classroom, Webinar & Online Training Courses specifically focused on the needs of Logistics and Stores Personnel.

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