Considering the Connection between Ramp Safety Human Factors (RSHF) Training and Safety Management System (SMS)

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It is not possible to separate the Safety Management System from the need to manage Ramp HF in the most effective way. In fact the more integration the better in terms of understanding and managing the exposure.

All the elements which are considered as part of our Aviation Ramp Safety & Human Factors Exposure may typically be accommodated and addressed as part of the delivery of the SMS system.

If we are able to study and take appropriate action in respect of the human factors issues, we will be able to better prepare to deal with human factors issues and behaviours in our daily routine.

Driven by ICAO obligations European Countries (as well as the rest of the world) are required to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of ICAO Annex 19.

Airports are specifically mentioned within the requirements related to the need for a State Safety Program as well as the need to demonstrate compliance with the SMS obligations.

A real SMS will focus on continual improvement through the ongoing measurement of performance and the identification of hazards together with effective analysis to ensure the management of risk and development of mitigations and solutions.

A measure of a strong organisational RS - HF/ SMS system will be evidenced by highly visible internal reporting processes together with strong HF Training led awareness plus an individual understanding and focus on risks in the work places.

The best possible Ramp Safety HF Training program will integrate the Ramp Safety / Human Factors training within the framework of the Airports Safety Management System – SMS.

Consider that the RS / HF exposure created by the various roles to be found working in the Ramp Environment.

Also consider that the manager who under resources a task creates a pressure (HF) on the worker, which may result in Stress (HF) which could become a precursor for a potential RS / HF event.

Key areas to consider when delivering RS / HF training include dealing with an adult group in terms of effective education.

Ensuring we deliver effective material, finding and agreeing the cause of errors.

In addition to be able to share an understanding regarding – what goes wrong and why it goes wrong, so that we are able to build on this understanding to see the role and involvement of the individual as well as to see the opportunities for positive intervention.

Sofema Aviation Services and SofemaOnline offer EASA and ICAO compliant regulatory training in skills needed to deliver effective Ramp Safety and Human Factor Training in the Workplace.

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