Considering the Role, Purpose & Value of Sofema Aviation Services and SofemaOnline Production Planning Classroom & Online Training Courses

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Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema lifts the lid on how to understand the options to drive improvements in your organisations production process


From time to time we are asked questions regarding the content of our training program for example:

1. How to make a work package
2. How to do Aircraft Scheduling
3. Man Hour Estimation and Manpower Planning
4. Special Tools Purchasing
5. Billing and Tool Charging for outside parties
6. CAR M and CAR 145 Related to Production Planning

The Challenge

Each Organisation is different; however, all organisations have procedures, let's call them “local procedures” to deal with various obligations.

Let's consider the above in details.

1. How to make a work package

Firstly the ownership of the work package resides with the Operators CAMO – sure it can be subcontracted but with around 50 plus software’s out there it is not viable to produce specific guidance on this task. Rather you should look to your company procedures which should provide detail guidance on how the package is managed, compiled, issued, actioned and certified and archived.

2. How to do Aircraft Scheduling 

Aircraft Scheduling is a commercial activity carried out by the operator with a negotiated input from the Operators CAMO – typically 145 organisations in general and the 145 Production Planning Department have no role in this process. 

3. Man Hour Estimation and Manpower Planning 

This is an important role within the Production Planning Environment to match the available manpower resources with the requirement, taking into account all the different elements which need to be considered including facilities, tooling, documentation and material availability. Sofema Classroom & Sofema Online Training considers various elements to deliver an effective Manpower Control System.

4. Special Tools Purchasing 

From time to time there is a need to obtain special tools usually related to the performance of an AD or SB requirement – The requirement is identified during the work pack preparation activities.

Different organisations have different procedures as to how tools are obtained including budgetary considerations and authorised persons – typically this is dealt with through specific organisation processes which again vary from company to company. 

5. Billing and Tool Charging for Outside Parties 

Typically, the Finance Department is responsible for Billing which is carried out in accordance with the contractual agreement between the Customer Airline & Aircraft Maintenance Company. 

The Role of Production Planning related to invoicing is usually to ensure that all chargeable data and events are correctly recorded and provided to the accounting department for billing purposes. 

6. CAR M and CAR 145 Related to Production Planning

Sofema Classroom & Sofema Online Training considers various all regulatory elements to understand the roles and responsibilities which sit between the CAMO & AMO. 

What Subjects are covered in Sofema Online Production Planning Training Program? 

Sofema Online offers a Production Planning Package of 3 Training Courses (Each with a separate certificate) – Covering in details the following elements:

Production Planning Basics

Aircraft Production Planning belongs to the Maintenance Organisation and is related to the size of the organisation, from a very humble structure to an intensive business management process.
There is much opportunity available within the Production Planning business area to deliver savings and the challenge is to identify efficient business processes that can be used to gather the data, analyze and measure the opportunities and finally to act on this.

This Training introduces the delegate to the basics of the EASA 145 Production Planning Process and considers the elements which are involved to deliver an effective Production Planning System.

Production Planning Management and Oversight

Production Planning belongs to the Part 145 Organisation, this training focuses on the role of Management within the Production Planning function by considering the interface and the role of Maintenance Planning and the Approved Maintenance Program, to consider the Regulatory environment and the responsibilities of the nominated Post Holder.

The importance of Managing Competencies is considered as well as understanding the Quality Control Process in Production Planning.

Human Factors in relation to the Production Planning Environment Management of Contracts and the role of Safety Management Systems within the Production Environment.

Developing More Effective Production Planning Processes

This course looks at a variety of elements which will prepare you for delivering optimizations within your workplace. The most cost-effective maintenance requires proportionate planning to provide the best outcomes. 

The need for successful reporting at the beginning and throughout the maintenance check should be considered as a requirement of the highest order. Over time we gain experience on a particular aircraft type to the point where we can reasonably predict or anticipate the requirement in respect of manpower and other pre-requisites which will help the pre-planning and our ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances. 

The Production Planning Combined Online Training is currently available at the special price of 145 USD (Increasing to 165 USD end of September 2019).

SofemaOnline Production Planning Package is available here.

You can also benefit from our discounts for multiple enrollments.

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