EASA Regulation 965/2012 Part SPA Regulatory Training Course Now Available Online

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Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com is pleased to provide an intensive course covering Part SPA - Specific Approvals including PBN, MNPS, RVSM, LVO (AWOPS), ETOPS

Equivalent to 2 Days Classroom training - outstanding value for 112.50 Euros

Multiple Delegate Discounts are available, please see here for course details: https://sofemaonline.com/lms/courses/309-easa-part-spa-specific-approvals-for-industry-amp-regulatory-authorities/preview

All About Part SPA?

Part SPA was issued as Annex V to Commission Regulation 965/2012. Consisting of Implementing Rules, (IRs), Acceptable Means of Compliance, (AMCs), and Guidance Material, (GMs) Part SPA concerns Specific Approvals typically related to an Air Operators Certificate (Air Carrier) for which an AOC may apply.

Course Overview

The course builds on an understanding of the development, implementation, and interpretation of the existing requirements with specific reference to EASA Part SPA Specific Approvals.
This is an intensive course that introduces the primary aspects of the regulatory obligations covering the following areas:

     »  Extended Range Operations with two-Engined Aeroplanes (ETOPS)
     »  Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RSVM)
     »  Performance-Based Navigation (PBN)
     »  Minimum Navigation Performance Specifications (MNPS)
     »  Low Visibility Operations (LVO) (AWOPS)

The objective of Attending this Course

Achieve an understanding of the history, development, and practical oversight requirements of Specific Approvals, gain an insight into the functionality of EASA Part SPA annexes
To familiarize Regulatory Authorities Current AOC holders and other Operational and Concerned Personnel Maintenance Management & Operations with a detailed understanding of SPA Operations Approval and the requirements for an Operator and Maintenance Organisation to remain compliant.

What is Covered During the Course?

     »  The following Subjects are addressed during the training course
     »  General Introduction
     »  Contents
     »  Abbreviations & Terms
     »  Annex V (Part-SPA) Regulatory Introduction
     »  ETOPS (Extended Range Operations with Two Engined Aeroplanes) Introduction
     »  EDTO, and how it relates to ETOPS – transitioning from ETOPS to EDTO
     »  ETOPS Legislation and Regulatory Background
     »  Configuration Maintenance and Procedures (CMP) Documents
     »  ETOPS Verification Program
     »  ETOPS Fuel Management
     »  Introduction to Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM)
     »  RVSM Regulatory Background and Requirements
     »  Use of ADS-B Out to Support RVSM OPS
     »  RVSM Continued Airworthiness & Maintenance Requirements
     »  MNPS (Specified Minimum Navigation Performance) Background Introduction & Development
     »  EASA Requirements Related to Specific Approval (MNPS)
     »  Consideration Related to MNPS Approval
     »  Introduction to PBN
     »  Evolution of ICAO Navigation Specifications
     »  ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan and Timeline
     »  EASA Regulatory Drivers for PBN
     »  FAA Regulatory Drivers for PBN
     »  Future Air Navigation System FANS
     »  Airline Operations & Maintenance Responsibilities related to FANS
     »  Considering CNS/ATM, Communications, navigation, and surveillance systems (CNS) and Air Traffic Management System (ATM)
     »  Review of RNAV/RNP-equipped Flight Management Systems (FMS)
     »  General Introduction - All Weather Operations “AWOPS” (LVO)
     »  Low Visibility OPS Regulatory Drivers
     »  Introduction Certification Specification - All Weather Operations CS-AWO

 Next Steps

This training is available as Classroom, Webinar or Online  - Please see www.sassofia.com www.sofemaonline.com or email team@sassofia.com

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