Ensuring EASA Airworthiness Review Staff Compliance

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Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com considers the options to ensure compliance with AMC1 CAMO.A.310(a)(3) Airworthiness review staff qualifications (ED Decision 2020/002/R)

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Summary of General Qualifications for Airworthiness Review Staff

» At least 5 years of experience in continuing airworthiness;
» Acquired an appropriate license in compliance with Annex (III) Part-66 or an aeronautical degree or a national equivalent; 

» Received formal aeronautical maintenance training; 
» Held a position within the approved organisation with appropriate responsibilities. 
» The organisation shall ensure that aircraft airworthiness review staff can demonstrate appropriate, recent continuing airworthiness management experience.

Note 1: "Experience in continuing airworthiness" means any appropriate combination of experience in tasks related to aircraft maintenance and/or continuing airworthiness management and/or surveillance of such tasks. 

Note 2: To hold a position with appropriate responsibilities means the airworthiness review staff should have a position in the organisation independent from the airworthiness management process or with overall authority on the airworthiness management process of complete aircraft. 

Note 3: Independence from the airworthiness management process may be achieved, among other ways, as follows: 

» By being authorised to perform airworthiness reviews only on aircraft for which the person has not participated in their management. For example, performing airworthiness reviews on a specific aircraft type, while being involved in the continuing airworthiness management of a different aircraft type. 

Introduction - AMC1 CAMO.A.310(a)(3) Airworthiness review staff qualifications 

EASA identifies the following as a baseline requirement related to Qualifications 

1/ Formal aeronautical maintenance training means training (internal or external) supported by evidence on the following subjects: 

» (a) Relevant parts of initial and continuing airworthiness regulations;
» (b)Relevant parts of operational requirements and procedures, if applicable;
» (c) The organisation’s continuing airworthiness management exposition; 

2/ Knowledge of a relevant sample of the type(s) of aircraft gained through a formalised training course. These courses should be at least at a level equivalent to Part-66 Appendix III Level 1 General Familiarization and could be provided by a Part-147 organisation, by the manufacturer, or by any other organisation accepted by the competent authority. 

Note: Relevant sample’ means that these courses should cover typical aircraft and aircraft systems that are within the scope of work. 

3/ Maintenance Methods. 

In Respect of “1 (a)” above 

Sofema Online offers the following courses appropriate to ARS Training 

ARS Initial

Part M Subpart I - Part M Subpart I for Airworthiness Review Staff (Initial)

Part M 2020 - Part M Effective Mar 2020 - For Large Aircraft with VO

Maintenance Program Assessment – Effectiveness - Assessing the Effectiveness of an EASA Compliant Aircraft Maintenance Program (AMP)

Aircraft Technical Records

Aircraft Inspection Techniques Initial - Aircraft Inspection Techniques (Initial) with VO

AMC 20-20 - AMC 20-20 Continuing Structural Integrity Programme with VO

ARS – Recurrent 

Technical Records Foundation - EASA Technical Records Foundation

Part M – Foundation - Part M Effective Mar 2020 For Large Aircraft - Foundation

Maintenance Program Effectiveness - EASA Part CAMO - Maintenance Program Effectiveness

CAW Regulatory Update - Continuing Airworthiness Recurrent training 2020-2021

Aircraft Inspection Techniques Recurrent - Aircraft Inspection Techniques (Recurrent) with VO

In respect of Item 2 Knowledge of a relevant sample of the type(s) of aircraft gained through a formalized training course.

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