How Important is Leadership and Management Training?

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SofemaOnline (SOL) takes a look at the benefit of developing leadership skills as well as growing personal competence.

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Leaders are aware of the potential impact of their decision good or bad and have the capacity to make what can be hard decisions moreover leaders know what they want to achieve and have the strength of character to pursue their objectives even in the face of opposition and often in spite of failures.

Leaders are able to demonstrate Integrity not to promise what cannot be delivered conversely to stand by their commitments. To demonstrate honesty and to set an example to their team both in their professional and their personal lives. To demonstrate a genuine attitude to trust and to seek to earn the trust of their team. To demonstrate dedication to the team and the task to work relentlessly to achieve the shared goals.

Leadership training and personal development can increase our understanding regarding our own perspective on how influential we can actually be and how we can provide a positive influence within the organisation.

Let's consider what Leadership training provides:

  • Focus on goals objectives and direction
  • Status & feedback regarding opportunities to improve
  • Actions and steps which can be taken to address any areas that need attention.

Understanding how our actions may affect other persons who rely on us both, directly and indirectly, provides a key element that is found ineffective leaders.

The Sofema Online Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma brings together 12 separate Courses (each one is certified) on completion of all 12 courses the student is awarded a hard copy diploma.

What is in the Diploma Program?

  •  Leadership Skills
  •  Body Language for Executives
  •  Building Competency
  •  Communication and Assertiveness
  •  Public Speaking
  •  Delivering an Effective Mentoring Program in Aviation Operations & Maintenance
  •  Developing Positive Interview Skills
  •  Developing Teams
  •  EASA AM & Nominated Person 6 Sigma Awareness
  •  Facilitating Effective Meetings
  •  Introduction to Performance Coaching in Aviation Operations & Maintenance
  •  Measuring Aviation Training Return on Investment (ROI)

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