How To Perform Practical EWIS Training to Demonstrate Compliance With EASA AMC 20-22

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By SofemaOnline (SOL)

Many of our customers ask how it is possible to ensure satisfactory completion of the EWIS Group 1 & 2 Practical Training Objectives - Here we are pleased to share how this can be achieved.

Sofema Online provides EWIS Initial and Recurrent Training Online with voice over. However this does not address the need for Practical Training.

At Sofema our solution is to provide support to enable this practical to be carried out within the EASA Part 145 Organisation and to enable this we provide a free to download document.

With this document there are 2 options either for the EASA Part 145 organisation to self-certificate completion of the required tasks using the provided document as a template.

Alternatively to complete the form in respect of the relevant aircraft types and to co-ordinate with Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) who can support you with certification on receipt of the completed document - for this service please contact

Next Steps

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