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Aviation Training is the specialty of Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) www.sassofia.com and Sofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com

Continuing Airworthiness is a critically important task whether it is related to EASA Part M & Part CAMO (Continuing airworthiness Management Organisation) or EASA Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO).

More About the Importance of Aircraft Technical Records

At first it might seem obvious but as we dig a little deeper, we uncover a set of rules and regulations which describes exactly what we mean by Aircraft Continuing Airworthiness Records (typically Part M Requirements) and other Aircraft Technical Records which are relevant to either the Part M Organisation or the Part 145 Organisation.

The rules prescribe not just what we should look after, but also for how long we need to retain the records. Let’s not underestimate the importance of the technical records, without documentary evidence supporting the airworthiness status of the aircraft simply it would not be allowed to fly. (in fact if the aircraft continuing airworthiness technical records were not available then the certificate of Airworthiness would be also be declared invalid!)

What do Aircraft Technical Records People do?

Technical records is the hub of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) group, and it is usually the starting point for internal, external and regulatory audits, typical duties of a Tech Records Officer include the following:

» Update & Monitor Removal/ Installation of Aircraft/ Engines/ APU/ Propeller Assembly and components inc A/C Hours Cycs & Lndgs.
» Updating/preparing complied AD, SB, and Monthly Status Reports carried out on Aircrafts/ Engines/ Propellers.
» Build-up/ Update Engine, APU & Major Components.
» Review and File Aircraft work packages (light and heavy checks, out of phase items, and modifications).
» Prepare/ Consolidate/ Validate Technical Documents for Audits by QA, CAA, and other audit bodies.
» Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) preparation for extension and renewal.

Where Do Tech Records People Come From?

It is not uncommon for technical records staff to have a high level of administrative competence but to be relatively new to the industry & this is where Sofema Online is able to offer outstanding value.

Have a look at the following Technical Records Courses and Packages:

» Part M Essentials plus Aircraft Technical Records Special package consisting of 2 training courses 150.00 EUR
» EASA Technical Records Foundation 59.50 EUR  
» Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff 117.50 EUR
» Aircraft Lease Management & Technical Records Consolidated Package Special package consisting of 3 training courses 255.00 EUR
» Aircraft Technical Records 117.50 EUR   

Next Steps

Sofema Aviation Services (www.sassofia.com) and Sofema Online (www.sofemaonline.com) provide classroom, webinar & online training. Please see the websites or email team@sassofia.com for additional details regarding our training options.

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