Optimising the EASA Part 145 Stores & Logistics Process

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SofemaOnline www.sofemaonline.com takes a look at the various expectations to comply with “minimum” Base Maintenance Requirements Stores control processes, both related to Regulatory Compliance and Organisational Best Practices.

Stores - Logistics Area

A number of specific areas should be identifiable.

General Facility - Strong Security - Recommend Video Surveillance for all points of Entry -. Customer Serving Hatches to be closable & lockable (Multipoint)

Entry & Exit Doors to be with 5 Lever Mortice Locks

Goods Inwards / Goods Outwards

Note - Computer Terminal to support the registration and recording of received material - Access to the Internet to visit EASA & FAA Sites plus other sites as required.

Process to Manage Original Form 1’s - Multiple options available.

Control Process to ensure all received & despatched items are duly recorded.

Quarantine Area

Refence Document supporting the reason in Quarantine - For example Receipt Discrepancy Report - Copy to Quality Assurance /Compliance Manager - Copy to the Store Manager.

ESDS Inspection Area & ESD Product

A capability to inspect ESDS Product - Table Top - Plus Wrist Strap - Process to Test the Wrist Strap Integrity.

Selection of ESD Blanking Caps for use with ESD Components removed from the Aircraft During the Check.

Selection of ESD Bags - For protection of Components Removed from the Aircraft During Check.


Control & Registration of all Components / Parts Etc - Protection of (often Hi-Value) Items

Component Control (U/S Components)

Ensure Unserviceable Components “Work Order - Repair Orders” are reviewed by Technical Services / Customer CAMO before authorising despatch (I.A.W. Procedures)

Bonded Store - Requires - Humidity & Temperature Control

Good Segregation, First in - First out Procedures.

Commercial Store - Commercial Store should have an issue authorisation control system to ensure minimisation of wastage as well as to protect from use for un-intended consequences.

Tool Store (Tool Issue control & registration to ensure detailed control and return after use and before release of the aircraft)

Note Concerning “All” Stores & Customer Service

A service window at a convenient height to be introduced to enable “customers” to be served in an speedy and efficient way – sufficient “space/room” for completion of Paperwork – both for the issuing store-keeper and for the customer.

Grease - Oil & Volatile Fluid Store

Pyrotechnic Product Store - (Fire Bottle Cartridges - Life Raft Flares etc)

General Comments regarding Best Practice

a) Externally Secure with Restricted Access

b) Able to move around internally for authorised personnel - allows for minimum manning & efficiency movement

c) Optimised Layout with Goods Inwards having External Access to accept product and material

d) Easy Access from Goods Inwards to Quarantine Area & ESDS Inspection Area

e) Component Control / Despatch to be able to use the shared Goods In & Out for “Controlled Despatch”

f) Shelf Life Control Procedure

g) Tool Calibration Control Procedure

Logistics Staff Competence

Stores Inspection Staff to have a level of competence to ensure familiarity with:

a) Company Procedures

b) EASA Part 145 Requirements

c) Understanding the different receipt documentation FAA / EASA/ JAA/ Transport Canada / Brazil

d) Familiarity with STC & Modification Documentation Procedures, TSO/ ETSO – FAA-PMA & EASA EPA

e) Suspect Parts Identification & Reporting

f) Awareness of ESD Control - Precautions and Practices


The Stores Inspector is the “Gate Keeper” of the Organisation and should have a level of knowledge and understanding which enables the “protection” of the System.

Next Steps

Sofema Aviation Services SAS (www.sassofia.com) and Sofema Online (SOL) (www.sofemaonline.com) provide Classroom, Webinar & Online Training Courses specifically focused on the needs of Logistics and Stores Personnel.

For details please see the websites or email office@sassofia.com or online@sassofia.com

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