Providing your Employees with the Best Online Aviation Regulatory Training Experience

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» Choose Between 10 License or 25 License Corporate Freedom Pass
» Unlimited Aviation Regulatory Training for your Workforce

Sofema Online (SOL) is pleased to introduce a managed and cost-effective solution to your organisations regulatory and competence building training

Introduction to Sofema Corporate Freedom Pass

We are pleased to support your understanding of the Corporate Freedom Pass and answer any questions you may have, please see attached information and feel free to email at any time with questions or comments.

To please ask the size of your workforce who will be benefiting from the Corporate Freedom Pass? (We have focused on 2 example workforces - up to 150 employees and up to 500 employees) 

In case you are not familiar with the number of courses currently available please check the following link -

Please also have a look at the following links for additional information

Why The Corporate Freedom Pass?

When we reached over 220 online courses we understood that we had the resource and opportunity to provide our clients with training support which will help to build competence within the workplace across many different business areas 

The challenge is to do so within an acceptable budget and this is where the CFP excels - By employing maximum economies of scale we are able to bring the cost down to an absolute minimum without compromising quality, in fact, if managed well the cost can come down below 5 Euro / Training Day 

A CFP 10 program will typically enable approx 200 Days of online training for the same cost as a single employee attending 2 days of training of our major competitors (100 times cheaper!)

We know we have a winning formula and currently we are in the process of signing up companies to CFP10-12 and CFP 10-6 

As an added benefit we are able to prioritize the generation of new training programs to specifically meet the needs of our CFP clients 

Choose your Corporate Freedom Pass

CFP 10 with the availability of 10 concurrent online accounts (suitable for organisations up to 150 employees) nominally 2400 Training Days or
» CFP 25 with the availability of 25 concurrent online accounts (suitable for organisations up to 500 employees) nominally 6000 Training Days

How much does the Corporate Freedom Pass cost?

CFP 10 - Monthly payment of 850 Euro – 2nd Year 10% Discount*
» CFP 25 - Monthly payment of 1700 Euro – 2nd Year 10% Discount*

   ° Additional Discount Available for Annual Payment - Please ask for details
   ° First-month payment includes – additional 1-month deposit Payment

      ٭ thereafter 10 further monthly payments are due to complete the first annual contract

Next Steps

Please email to request enrollment instructions 

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