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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the factors which make Aviation Leadership Development Skills Training Course Stand Out!

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Introduction to Positive Attributes of Leaders

Leaders are aware of the potential impact of their decision, good or bad, and have the capacity to make what can be hard decisions. Moreover, leaders know what they want to achieve and have the strength of character to pursue their objectives even in the face of opposition and often in spite of failures.

Leaders are able to demonstrate Integrity not to promise what cannot be delivered and conversely to stand by their commitments.

      » To demonstrate honesty and to set an example to their team both in their professional and their personal lives.

      » To demonstrate a genuine attitude to trust and to seek to earn the trust of their team.

      » To demonstrate dedication to the team and the task to work relentlessly to achieve the shared goals.

Sofema Online looks at Client Feedback

What Aspects did you like best about the Training Course – (All Client Feedback)

      »  How to manage your team.
      »  How to work with Conflict Management for a successful outcome
      »  Detailed Considerations of the Definitions & differences related to leadership & Management. To understand in detail what is involved in each aspect and how we can engage to meet our objectives.
      »  Understanding that to be a great leader requires a strong connection with others to include building self-confidence and camaraderie with team members.
      »  Provides self-motivation to inspire me to recognize in myself my best leadership style and to help me choose my future direction.
      »  Sets out a path for me to develop my Leadership Skills
      »  Developing a deeper understanding of the Characteristics of a great leader
      »  Understanding the best ways to engage with and lead an external and internal team
      »  Being able to reflect on Leadership styles, which provides me with a broad view of how to be a great leader and when, how to use the appropriate style of leadership for the best effect.
      »  Paying attention to the " Definition and Attributes of leadership" has helped me to consider my own personal role by being able to look at myself.
      »  Being able to understand and appreciate in detail the Challenges of being a Leader which helps me to rise above my struggles and bring the team forward.
      »  Understanding the benefit of teams and appreciating that Together Everyone Achieves More!

Next Steps

Sofema Online offers the opportunity to enroll in Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma - see here for details.

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