UK CAA – International Aviation Additional Working Arrangements Overview

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Sofema Online (SOL) looks at a number of developing relationships in the field of aviation certification & maintenance.


Bilateral agreements and arrangements allow the airworthiness certification of civil aeronautical products to be shared between two countries.

A Bilateral Aviation Safety Agreement (BASA), Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), or Working Arrangement (WA) and their associated implementing procedures provide for technical cooperation between national civil aviation authorities. They help reduce duplication of activity and aim for mutual acceptance of certificates.

In addition to airworthiness certification, BASAs, MoUs, and WAs provide for bilateral cooperation across other areas of aviation, including maintenance, flight operations, and environmental certification.

For aircraft certification and maintenance, additional implementation procedures will cover specific issues such as design approval, production acceptance, export airworthiness approval, post-design approval activities, technical cooperation, and maintenance.


The Working Arrangement between Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) acknowledges the common desire for cooperation in promoting increasing efficiency in matters relating to civil aviation. TCCA and the CAA recognize the mutual benefit of having improved procedures that reduce the economic burden imposed on the aviation industry by removing redundant technical inspections, evaluations, and testing.

See the following for details:

» Working Arrangement
» Further Working Arrangement
» Technical Implementation Procedures
» Technical Arrangement on Maintenance


Each Authority will facilitate recognition and acceptance of the other Authority's certificates/approvals and provide cooperation and assistance on activities within the following areas:

» The airworthiness approval and monitoring of civil aeronautical products;
» The continuing airworthiness of in-service aircraft;
» The approval and monitoring of production organisations;
» The approval and monitoring of maintenance organisations;
» The environmental approval and environmental testing of civil aeronautical products;
» Related cooperative activities; and (vii) Safety initiatives and exchange of relevant safety information.

See the following for further details:

» Memorandum of Understanding
» Further Working Arrangement
» Technical Implementation Procedures
» Maintenance Annex Guidance


Working Arrangement between Japan JCAB & UK CAA was signed on 29 October 2020.

Agreement to Co-operate - Mutual Recognition - Access to Data & Technical Support & Co-Operation.

Agreement regarding the Import & Export of Products and willingness to perform the necessary review and validation JCAB (Form 18 Accepted in the UK for New Parts.)


CAAS Singapore & UK CAA Memorandum of Understanding signed on 18 Dec 2020 - to set up a Bilateral Aviation Steering Committee.

Technical Arrangement Signed which enables Maintenance to be certified with the provision of a supplement to the respective Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE).

Switzerland / Iceland / Norway

Preliminary Co-operation Agreement signed – note the relationship between these countries and EASA – essentially this enables the UK CAA – EASA relationship to be extended to include these countries.


To continue the validity of the relationship between EASA & Russia (FATA) pending the development of a full agreement.

Next Steps

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