Using NLP as part of our Persuasion Toolbox

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the effect of embracing NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques as part of our strategy to persuade.

Introduction What Does NLP Do?

» NLP operates through the conscious use of language to bring about changes in someone's thoughts and behavior.
» NLP tries to detect and modify unconscious biases or limitations of an individual's map of the world.

How to Encourage a Change of Direction During our Negotiations?

When we are faced with the challenge of trying to modify a person’s line of thinking to align with our expectations, we need to focus on a strategy to create our opportunity.

This technique is also appropriate when you find yourself in a conversation going nowhere.

» We need to interrupt! (Wait but isn’t that rude?) – Yes maybe, however, if we behave in a polite but assertive way, we can usually be successful.
» Step 1 is to stop the conversation in its tracks – maybe to make the T signal for time out with your hands (try it) or use another technique if you prefer.
» Step 2 is to refocus or reposition the conversation in the direction we choose. We do this with the following statement (Learn it!):

o “The real issue here is not (A), it’s (B) and because of that…”
o The (A) variable represents the non-target topic or issue.
o While the (B) variable is the new topic or issue that you want to open up.

What If the Other Party Does Not Want to Listen?

Without a willing ear for our message, it becomes somewhat difficult to deliver successfully the message.

Possible reasons for not receiving the message include:

» Choosing to ignore us (or what we are saying)
» Being super defensive to the point that he/she loses the ability to engage in a logical discussion

So, if the above adequately describes the circumstances we find ourselves then what is our recovery?

» We can again use an NLP technique which will usually work on all persons regardless of their mindset – use the following guideline – again step by step.
» First engage in a positive way by interrupting the conversation with the following statement:

o “I agree and would like to add that _____”. Here you use and as the enabling word to deliver your next message.
o In this way the person you are communicating with is receptive to what you are about to say.

Next Steps - Are Leaders Born or Made?

Behavioural Theorists believe that people can become leaders through the process of teaching, learning, and observation. Leadership is a set of skills that can be learned by training, perception, practice, and experience over time. Leadership learning is a lifetime activity. 

The Sofema Online Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development Diploma brings together 14 separate Courses (each one is certificated) on completion of all 14 courses the student is awarded a hard copy diploma. For additional details, please email


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