Where can I find Training for EASA Maintenance Planning, Production Planning, Technical Records and Reliability?

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Without Doubt the above subjects are very important in respect of the need to manage competence within both the Maintenance Management and Maintenance Delivery Environment recognizing improvement in the need to ensure competence. EASA mandated in February 2010 the need to ensure competence within the CAMO workplace. Commission Regulation (EU) No 127/2010 | EASA

This was amplified in 2011 when EASA again issued specific regulations associated with the management of competence ED Decision 2011-011-R - EASA - Europa
Maintenance Planning is a function of the Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO) and both SAS and SOL offers a broad range of courses ranging from a single day to a 5 days integrated training.
Production Planning is an Essential function of the EASA 145 organization and provides a structure whereby the effective management of maintenance delivery process may be correctly coordinated and managed.
Technical Records is actually required for both the CAMO organization (Belonging to the Operator) and for the 145 organization (Belonging to the Maintainer).

Reliability is a mandatory requirement (Mandatory for aircraft above 13000 KG – Optional for aircraft between 5700 & 13000 KG)  – again belonging to the CAMO environment Reliability is a key departments and with correct guidance may contribute significantly to the effectiveness of the maintenance product.
Sofema Aviation Services specializes in the delivery of Classroom through www.sassofia.com and Online Training through www.sofemaonline.com

With approximately 200 training courses available – please see the following link to see all available courses www.sassofia.com/regulatory-training-courses both Sofema (SAS) and SofemaOnline (SOL).
Are well placed to support you on your learning path either as an individual or as part of you company sponsored program.
With more than 40 years, experience behind Sofema Aviation Services, we are well placed to help you develop the most appropriate outcomes for your organization. Our focus is to offer such support in exactly the most appropriate way, giving you the best return on investment. We work closely with our clients to Provide Advice, Guidance, Consulting and Hi Level Documentation and Procedures. Training, Oversight, Quality Control Support and, Facilitated Workshops.

SofemaOnline is a service provided by Sofema Aviation Services offering online and video training by qualified UK Nationals as well as Russian speaking trainers in the field of aviation.
Sofema Aviation Services commenced trading in March 2008 and today we are operating with 3 unique but complementary brands covering Aviation Jobs, Offline and Online Training and Consultancy and organizational support. We are looking forward to continuing to develop our core brands.

Maintenance Planning training courses are available Here.

Aircraft Technical Records and Production Planning training courses you can find Here.

For additional questions please email office@sassofia.com or online@sassofia.com

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