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Posted by on in Regulatory presents the different categories available within the EASA Part 66 licence 

On the basis of the Maintenance Engineers License, together with satisfactory demonstration of competency and knowledge of organizational procedures the personal authorization document is issued by an approved Part-145 organization. 

Note - Whilst Category A is not maybe the best choice to sit for your licence, clearly as it is incorporated within the B1 licence it can be of significant benefit to allow the B1 Engineer to be task trained on multiple aircraft. 

A Category “A” License holder may only certify his (or her) own work and cannot certify the work of other individuals. 

The Category “A” based approval is a task based approval which is restricted to the mechanical systems, although simple and limited avionic tasks as for example which may be found on a daily inspection or a weekly check, can be included with the approval of the Competent Authority.

(b) Categories A and B1 are subdivided into subcategories relative to combinations of Aeroplanes, helicopters, turbine and piston engines.

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Last modified on offers an online program to directly support persons who are wishing to undertake studies and examinations leading to EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License.
SofemaOnline provides online support and our partner European Aviation Institute (EAI) an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) with Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003 are able to provide short courses and examinations both in Romania and currently in Bangkok.
EASA Regulated Aircraft Maintenance is interesting and highly professional moreover Licensed Aircraft Engineers are essential to maintain the global aviation industry. Employment in the field of aviation offers the potential of a wide and varied career with an attractive salary.

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EASA Regulation Part 66 (Derived from Joint Airworthiness Authorities (JAR) JAR 66 establishes the requirements for issuing an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License (AMEL) to support the process to manage the competence of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers.

Similar to other EASA regulations The Part 66 Regulation is divided into two parts.

Section A which sets out the requirements that must be met by Industry.

Section B deals with the procedures to be followed by the competent authorities.

In order to be entitled to exercise certification privileges on a specific aircraft type, the holder of aircraft maintenance license need to have his/her license endorsed with the relevant aircraft ratings.

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A Part 66 License belongs to an individual and is valid for 5 years, an organization approval is only valid whilst the holder is employed by the organization and may in fact have expiration's which are limited by other factors. (For example recurrent training validity)
Part-66 licenses facilitate the certification of the release to service of aircraft after maintenance and to work within the Base Maintenance (note the need for company authorization) there is a distinct difference between gaining an Aircraft Maintenance Engineers License (AMEL) and gaining organization approval to certify aircraft.

To become a Licensed Aircraft Engineer, there are basically two routes:

a) The approved course (Taught by a suitable approved EASA Part 147 Training Provider)
Note - In the case of attendance to an approved course, the minimum experience requirement is reduced from 5 years to 2 years for approved course graduates.
b) The self-improver (The Self-Improver Route Requires evidence of 5 years of appropriate experience together with passes in all applicable Part 66 modules. The evidence is then presented to the Competent Authority. (10 years allowed))

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The EASA Part 66 license is the qualification that enables the holder with suitable type or task training to provide through organizational approval and in some situations directly the Certification of European registered managed or maintained aircraft to allow a Certificate of Release to Service either through EASA Part 145.A.50 or EASA Part M Subpart H CRS.

What will a Part 66 license allow me to do?

A Part 66 license is a pre-requisite to allow you with appropriate organizational approval to certify the release to service of aircraft after maintenance and to work in maintenance organizations as support staff. It should be noted that all education received in support of Part 66 Basic Aspirations must be acquired under the control and oversight of a Part-147 training organization approved by EASA. There is currently no conversion process available in non EU countries which allow for the issue of a Part 66 license it is necessary to follow fully the EASA Guidelines and process to obtain your Part 66 License.

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