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Presented by Sofema Online (SOL)  

In the Beginning

1903 – saw the beginnings of powered aviation with rapid developments during   World War I particularly related to the development of military aviation

1919 - Paris Convention 1919 – first international aviation law convention

» During the period 1919-1944, there was a gradual growth of international air transport

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Review by Sofema Aviation Services (SAS)


To comply with FSTD comply with Certification Specification CS-FSTD(A) the following terms and abbreviations are contained in AMC1 FSTD(A).200.

Flight simulation training device (FSTD) means a training device which is In the case of aeroplanes        

       »  A full-flight simulator (FFS)

       »  A flight training device (FTD),

       »  A flight navigation procedures trainer (FNPT),

       »  or A basic instrument training device (BITD).

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the relationship between marketing & economics.


The price of a product is determined by the law of supply and demand. Consumers have a desire to acquire a product, and producers manufacture a supply to meet this demand.

The equilibrium market price of a good is the price at which quantity supplied equals quantity demanded. Graphically, the supply and demand curves intersect at the equilibrium price.

Essentially we can consider that Marketing is a bringing together of economics and psychology. We could even consider that marketing may be considered as a sub-element of economics.

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers Distribution Channels 

Introduction – What do we understand by Marketing Distribution Channel Considerations

Placement or product distribution is always going to be a major consideration whether you’re selling a physical product, software application or digital service.

      » Where are people going to find your products or services?
      » Where can they purchase them?
      » Where are they going to use them?
      » How are you going to manage inventory?

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the optimum process for Marketing Excellence

Introduction to your Strategic Marketing Process

Strategic market planning could be described as utilization of best practices as well as analysis and carefully made decisions to develop a plan with what we believe is the highest likelihood of success.

Your marketing effort should be driven by your strategic process with the following aspirations

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Sofema Online (SOL) Considers the Importance of Electrical Wiring Interconnect System (EWIS Practical Training to support the Competence Development of Aircraft Inspectors.


Following investigations in the aftermath of Flight TWA800 and Swissair 111, a detailed investigation was performed by the Ageing Transport System Rulemaking Advisory Committee ATSRAC into the effectiveness of the Inspection Process carried out during maintenance activities.

After some years of Investigation, it was understood that there were a number of shortcomings observed which has translated into the need for specific training to manage electrical wiring inspection standards.

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REGULATION (EU) 2018/ 1139 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL - of 4 July 2018 - on common rules in the field of civil aviation and establishing a European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

General Introduction

      » Crew members and, as appropriate, all other operations personnel

o   Familiar with applicable laws, regulations, and procedures, pertinent to the performance of their duties, prescribed for the areas to be traversed, the aerodromes used, and the air navigation facilities

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Dangerous Goods Awareness Training is essential for all persons who are connected with the aviation process involving passengers, baggage & cargo.

» Awareness of what exactly constitutes Dangerous Goods is essentially to ensure the safe handling and shipping of these goods.
» Knowledge regarding responsibility & liability should be understood by every person who is involved with passengers, cargo, baggage & security of the process.
» All DG materials and products must be packed, handled, and transported in such a way as to prevent accidents.

Why Choose Sofema Online for your Dangerous Goods Awareness Training?

» Sofema Online has been providing online fully compliant Dangerous Goods Awareness Training for over 5 years
» All online material is updated annually and remains current.
»Sofema Online Dangerous Goods Awareness Training is supported by European Cargo and Aviation Services Ltd.

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Review of Commission Implementing Regulation - 2020/1159 of 5 August 2020 amending Regulations (EU) No 1321/2014 and (EU) No 2015/640 as regards the introduction of new additional airworthiness requirements

Overview by Sofema Online (SOL)


An aircraft, the design of which has already been certified, is not required to comply with an updated version of CS when it is produced or while in service.

Therefore compliance of such aircraft with additional airworthiness requirements that were not included in the initial CS at the time of certification of design should be introduced.

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Considerations provided by Sofema Online (SOL) 

Sofema Online Looks at the basic criteria which is applied to the UAE Regulatory Environment related to Pilot Training. 

Pilot Training - General

       » Trainee

o   Mature Education & Physical

o   Acquire & demonstrate theoretical knowledge and practical skill.

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Considerations by Sofema Online (SOL) 

Introduction - CAMO.A.125 Terms of approval and privileges of the organization (EU) 2020/270 

An organization approved in accordance with this Annex may: 

      » Extend an airworthiness review certificate under the conditions of point M.A.901(f) of Annex I (Part-M) or point ML.A.901(c)of Annex Vb (Part-ML), as applicable.
      » Located within a Member State

o   May additionally be approved to carry out airworthiness reviews in accordance with point M.A.901 of Annex I (Part-M) or point ML.A.903 of Annex Vb (Part-ML) as applicable, and:

o   Issue the related airworthiness review certificate and extend it in due time under the conditions of point M.A.901(c)(2) and point M.A.901(e)(2) of Annex I (Part-M) or point ML.A.901(c) of Annex Vb (Part-ML), as applicable;

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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) and Sofema Online (SOL) offer Classroom, Webinar & Online Training I.A.W the requirements of GM2 CAMO.A.305(g) Personnel requirements training syllabus for initial safety training.

This document considers the situation related to organizations that are able to demonstrate partial compliance with the regulatory obligation and how they may demonstrate compliance.

Commented Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema “Understanding both the importance of the required training and the number of CAMO delegates who will need to demonstrate compliance with EASA Part CAMO Regulatory Requirements. Sofema has developed a training course which carefully covers in detail every element of the required syllabus - The course is 3 days in the classroom (It has to be to cover the subject matter!) It is also available with a voice-over (not slide reading rather complementary to the content of the slide) - This course has been audited multiple times and found to meet the training objective of GM2 CAMO.A.305(g).”

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At Sofema Online (SOL) we know this fact for sure

      » Sofema delegates benefit from taking SOL Courses – because they tell us!
      » Since Jan 2020 over 15,000 people have enrolled for Sofema Online Regulatory & vocational training courses

Sofema Online Status

2019 was a Real Turning Point for Sofema Aviation Services! It was the year where we achieved 25,000 satisfied customers.

With more than 550 Classroom & 220 Online Courses with, we are confident we can meet and usually exceed your expectations in a professional & cost-effective way. 

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Considerations provided by Sofema Online (SOL) 

Article 13 - Certification, Oversight & Enforcement

       » To ensure compliance with the CAR’s, the CA will:

o   Assess the applications & issue or renew certificates and receive declarations

o   Perform oversight of

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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) Considers the practical issues associated with the requirement for regulatory compliance for Drone “OPS”

General Introduction

      » Non-Certified Drones do not require Registration
      » Owner / Operator must be registered with NAA of EU Country (Single Registration – Will require Renewal)

o   Once registered, you receive a ‘drone operator registration number’ To be displayed on all the drones including those privately built. You must also upload it into the ‘Drone’s remote identification system’.

o   The unique registration number is valid in all other EASA Member States

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Introduction - Why to Transform?

       » To improve employee engagement & belonging to the organization
       » To encourage employee investment into the long-term well-being & development of the organization.
       » Valued employees are typically more productive when they feel valued.

What is Cultural Transformation?

Essentially it is a process that can understand, measure, and move the company culture to a higher place based on this understanding of the organizational objectives related to cultural aspirations.

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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) reviews the key elements of the Compliance Monitoring Function related to Aircrew Training Management Regulations

Introduction Compliance Monitoring _ General (GM1 ORA.GEN.200(a)(6)) - ED Decision 2012/007/R

Compliance Monitoring Function

       » Reflect the size, nature, and complexity
       » Compliance Manager (CM) may perform all audits and inspections himself/herself or allocate a resource
       » Personnel should be competent I.A.W. AMC1 ORA.GEN.200(a)(6) point (c)(3)(iii), (External / Internal) 

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Steve Bentley CEO of Sofema Group explains how we have grown into the largest provider of Regulatory Training worldwide with over 550 Classroom & Webinar Courses and over 200 online Regulatory Compliant & Vocational Training. Steve is pleased to provide answers to your questions:

Q - Why Do More Companies Not Offer So Many Online Courses?

A -The Simple Answer is Return on Investment, It takes around 1 Day to develop 1 hour of material so to provide a full 1 day Course typically takes around 7 - 8 Business Days (Which of course has to be funded either directly or indirectly) A further 5 Days is required to configure the course for inclusion on the online platform.

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the Regulator Oversight of Aircraft Maintenance Programs (AMP)


The Agency is, on behalf of the Member States, the competent authority for initial airworthiness as per Article 77(1) of Regulation (EU) 2018/1139 (the EASA ‘Basic Regulation’). Following M.A.302(d)(2), ICA shall be the basis to develop an AMP. 

Whilst the Member State’s CA is responsible for approving the AMP, they should not normally impose such as national requirements, in addition to the instructions for continuing airworthiness (ICA) issued by the design approval holder during the certification process with the Agency.

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Airport Security Staff Dangerous Goods Awareness Training 

Sofema online (SOL) provides Airport Security Staff with mandatory 24-month recurrent training

Features of Sofema Online Dangerous Goods Training

      » Convenient Online DG Training Available Now
      » Outstanding Value with Multi Delegate Discounts Available
      » Suitable for Flight Crew Dangerous Goods Recurrent Training
      » Suitable for Cabin Crew Dangerous Goods Recurrent Training
      » Fully Compliant Aviation Dangerous Goods Training
      » Update and current with 2021 DG Regulations

Competitively priced at 65 Euro/Person (Discounts of up to 40% available for multiple enrolments)

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