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Steve Bentley MD of Sofema Aviation Services explains

It is very healthy within the organisation to ensure that the Post Holder is able to deliver Compliance Independently of the QM (CM) - Explain

Consider the Role of the Aviation Quality System within the European Aviation Safety Agency “EASA”

Consider the following role definitions and responsibilities:

- First, that the Accountable Manager is responsible for the Quality System which includes both elements of Quality Control and Quality Assurance;

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When we consider the total contents of the aircraft work package we have a distinct number of elements:

a) Routine - these are the tasks which are packaged into maintenance checks and assigned from the aircraft maintenance program
b) Service Bulletins, Mods and AD driven - this package forms a group of activates which can potentially be quite disruptive and as a consequence deserves due consideration in respect of the various planning considerations to support an effective delivery of maintenance
c) Deferred Maintenance - Tasks which are carried over from Line Maintenance deferred defects or defects deferred in accordance with the MEL
d) Defects found during the maintenance check inspection activities - These defects are discovered during maintenance inspection of the various aircraft zones

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