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Considerations by Sofema Online (SOL) looking at best practices to implement a Cyber Risk Mitigation Process within your organisation.


Cyber security is not just about external protection of your data and information from external threats, we also have to consider any internal exposure as well.

To cover all potential eventualities, we need to develop an organisation risk mitigation strategy for managing cyber risks.

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Sofema Online (SOL) considers the essential elements to be found in a Cyber Security Management System


The potential for Cyber-attacks now appears almost inevitable and as a result, there is a need to address which requires investment in Cyber-Security

Consider foremost that Cyber Security Measures should be taken in respect of both the company and its supply chain including partners as well as outsourced service providers.

Each organization has an obligation to recognize that we face cybersecurity risks as well as a need to develop a company-wide policy to address these risks.

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Sofema Aviation Services (SAS) looks at the current cyber climate and considers the challenges which the industry faces.

Aviation cyber security may be considered as the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber-attacks. It aims to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks and protect against the unauthorised exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

The possibility for malicious aviation cyber acts continue to threaten the integrity of the aviation system and the potential grows almost daily. A continuing challenge is a task of identifying potential cyber vulnerabilities across many different and often complex aviation systems, some integrated and some disparate.

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