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Introduced by SofemaOnline (SOL) considerations related to Leadership in Aviation.

How Important is Effective Leadership?

The simple answer is very. The Aviation Leader heads up a system that is focused on delivering an aviation product or services which has safety consequences.

Leadership is a combination of personal attributes together with a broad set of skills.

Poor or ineffective leadership is a weak link in a chain that breeds other system weaknesses as well as myriad inefficiencies ultimately leading to both poor performance and wasted investment.

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If you are asking the question - How Can I become an EASA Part 147 Instructor - You are in the right place! 

SofemaOnline takes a look at how to achieve your goal of becoming an Aviation Instructor! 

What Does EASA Say about becoming an EASA aircraft maintenance instructor?

Part 147-A.105 (f), state that the experience and qualifications of instructors, knowledge examiners, and practical assessors shall be established in accordance with criteria published or in accordance with a procedure and to a standard agreed by the competent authority. 

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