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Considering the role of a Fuel Tank Entry Team

An essential requirement to minimize exposure to the risk of injury during fuel-tank work is a properly trained and equipped team.

Personnel with authorization to enter the fuel tank and perform work must be able to recognize potential hazards and initiate evacuation if there are any concern issues.

The following elements are critical to safe working conditions:

a) Communication
b) Respiratory protection
c) Ventilation and air monitoring
d) Electrically powered tooling & equipment
e) Airplane damage considerations

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Hazards of Airplane Fuel - Tank Entry
To ensure effective maintenance within the Fuel Tank Systems there is a need to develop procedures associated with Fuel Tank Entry, Personnel Protection, Working within the Fuel Tank Environment and Fuel Tank Closure.

The separate elements to consider include fully understanding the potential hazards - Fire and explosion, toxic chemicals as well as oxygen deficiency.

Procedures for entry within the tank, ensuring the safety of the environment for the maintenance worker.

Preparations include electrically grounding the aircraft, defueling in accordance with maintenance manual procedures and deactivating all associated systems to ensure personnel safety.

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