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Introduction – The Benefits of FDM integrated in the SMS

Bringing together the data available within the FDM Program as well as the Safety Management System Database – provides an opportunity to benefit from the total organization data set, rather than leaving information in “Silos”

FDM-derived Data is able to support the development of Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) and can be linked to the operators’ risk register. Consider that FDM is a data source both for reactive reporting (Occurrence / Hazard reporting) and proactive reporting (Safety awareness).

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A review carried out by Sofema Online following the introduction of Safety Management Systems within the EASA Part CAMO environment.


It is a reality today that even when organisations are run effectively, means they are well-organised and have efficient (internal) Management Systems, they may still encounter hidden and unexpected hazards within the various interfaces both internal & external.
Across Multiple Organisations safety management system interfaces can become complex, with the possibility of unknown or latent hazards hidden within the inter-organisational interfaces.
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