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Sofema Online (SOL) considers optimising techniques to get your message across and accepted. 


Delivering a Persuasive Message requires focus and the ability to follow a clear path to ensure a call to action. At all costs to avoid any vague or weak references, your message must be clear concise, and compelling.

Start by ensuring you have thought through your message and have a clear understanding of how you are going to deliver this message, in a way that will resonate with your audience.

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• Leadership Training For Aviation Professionals

• Aviation Soft Skills Training for Business Managers

Introduction by Sofema Online (SOL)

Communication is a Leadership Core Competency

Within a modern Aviation Maintenance Environment Communication is a “Core Competency”

In fact, being able to interact with our colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates is an essential part of an effective workplace.

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Presented by SofemaOnline (

Please use the following information to prepare for your presentation. Carefully read through the comments and choose the ones which are relevant to your expectations.

The goal is to make your presentation not only stand out and impress, but to flow and  enable you to fully engage with the audience.

1. Related to the Preparation of Your Presentation

Are you knowledgeable about the topic covered in your presentation?

Have you completed and checked your material preparation?

Are the visual aids easy to read and easy to understand, are you familiar with the integration of visual aids into presentation?

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