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In aviation we have procedures for just about every activity. As we understand procedures are connected to policies as well as the need to demonstrate regulatory compliance.
Procedures belong within the QC environment but facilitate the functioning of the QA process. Without procedures auditing becomes very challenging (Ultimately it is the business area owner or post holder/nominated person (NP) who has the ultimate responsibility for the integrity of the procedure).

In our PART M - CAR M / Part 145 – CAR 145 environment we have the Continuous Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME) and the Maintenance Organization Exposition (MOE) Procedures as well as a myriad of other documents.

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SofemaOnline features European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) & Gulf Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) selection of Technical Terms to be found in Aircraft Technical Records

Part 2: Check – GVI – DVI – SI
An examination (e.g., an inspection or test) to determine the physical integrity and/or functional capability of an item.

GVI - General Visual Inspection is the “Basic Inspection” which is usually performed without removing panels (other than quick release).
DVI - Detailed Inspection requires additional activity which will be identified within the task.
SI - Special Inspection will also be identified typically relates to Non Destructive Testing (NDT).

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