Will I receive a certificate?

There is an exam at the end of each of the training presentations, after you successfully pass the exam you will be able to download and print out your certificate. The certificates will be issued by Sofema Aviation Services. Our Certificates also include the logo of our sister company AETS-Sofema an EASA Part 147 Consulting Regulatory Training Organisation.

SofemaOnline.com is recognized by Competent Authorities as an organisation that provides online Regulatory and Vocational Training and together with Sofema Aviation Services we have issued more than 50 000 certificates since 2008.

Our policy is to provide electronically signed certificates.

In the case of Diploma Programs we are pleased to offer the option of an additional Hard Copy Certificate dispatched by normal post at our cost after demonstrating all elements of the course has been completed.

Please note we will provide a package tracking number showing that the document has arrived in the “identified by you” location.

Cautionary Note - A number of clients like to work through several courses and complete all examinations in a single sitting. This has the unintended consequence of producing several certificates with the same date. We have on record occasions when this outcome is challenged by a European Competent Authority (CA) as not realistic. Please consider this outcome when undertaking your online examinations.

Important Note - You will be sent a Soft Copy Diploma by email, however we cannot address your local issues if your Hard Copy Diploma does not arrive because of your local postal service - we will only support an additional certificate at your cost, which to avoid repetition should be by courier in accordance with your cost & arrangement typically (Fed Ex / DHL / UPS).