Will I receive a Hard or Soft Copy of the training material?

At Sofema Online, we have listened to our clients, and one of their consistent requests is to have a soft copy of the material available for study purposes. We are very pleased to be supporting our aviation industry clients (excluding training organisations) by providing our material and look forward to furthering opportunities to provide ongoing support for Regulatory & Vocational Training.

If you have a minimum of 3 delegates enrolled in a single SOL online course, your nominated Course Leader / Administrator will be able to request a free copy of the training material. Please email team@sassofia.com with your request for soft copy material. (For Packages, Diploma & Freedom Pass please see the following purchase option.)

·       For Training Equivalent to 1/2 day Training - 30 EUR
·       For Training Equivalent to 1 day Training - 30 EUR
·       For Training Equivalent to 2 days Training - 60 EUR
·       For Training Equivalent to 3 days Training- 90 EUR 

Effective 1st January 2023 Corporate Clients, Individual Students, and smaller groups may also have soft copy offline access (following enrollment) at the following cost: 30 Euro / Day or Part Day of Training Material.

If, after consideration of the above, you wish to purchase the course material, please contact team@sassofia.com.

Concerning the Provision of  Sofema Online Soft Copy Material in Support of Delivered Training

The creation of Sofema Training Material Takes many hundreds of hours and the invested cost of this process requires the fair use of clients.

It is the policy and practice of Sofema Online and Sofema Aviation Services to provide soft Copy Material to support Students who have enrolled in Sofema Classroom, Webinar and Online Training.

However, please note It is not provided as a source material to clients for their own independent use or for training institutions to develop their own material.

Note - it is possible to purchase Sofema Training Material for non-commercial and Private use within a single organisation - Operator, Maintainer, CAMO, etc., please email us at team@sassofia.com to discuss further.

*No Commercial use can be made of Sofema Training Material by training organisations without the express permission of Sofema Aviation Services.

It is for this reason that where there is perceived a potential for misuse the material may be withheld pending clarification and assurance.

Should any violations be uncovered related to misuse of Sofema Training Material, a claim will be made for compensation in the sum of 10 000 Euros.