Will I receive a Hard or Soft Copy of the training material?

Many days and weeks go into the development of SofemaOnline materials. This is not reflected in the cost of the online training which is designed to provide you with an e-learning experience. The training is provided at a special price (please consider that the classroom training which includes the material is around 5 times the cost). It is not possible to provide free and open use of our material.

If after consideration of the above you wish to purchase the course material please contact team@sassofia.com. You must sign a non-disclosure agreement and the costs will be as follows:
Soft copy Material Costs

ž2 hours Equivalent Course - 65 EUR
ž1/2 day Equivalent Course - 85 EUR
ž1-Day Equivalent Course - 145 EUR
ž2-Day Equivalent Course - 270 EUR
ž3-Day Equivalent Course - 375 EUR
ž4-Day Equivalent Course - 465 EUR