Are SofemaOnline Part 66 Training Courses approved by any Regulatory Authority?

There is currently no online Part 66 training which is approved by any regulatory authority (or EASA Direct).

Please consider that under EASA Part 147 requirements, all exams must be invigilated to verify the identity of the student, to ensure that time constraints are complied with and to ensure that no additional study material “documents” are present during the examination.

In order to maintain the highest possible standards, we are pleased to announce that is supported by European Aviation Institute (EAI) - an EASA Part 147 approved Maintenance Training Organization (MTO) with Certificate of Approval No RO.147.0003.

What we (SofemaOnline and European Aviation Institute "EAI") offer is an online experience, as part of your self-study initiative, to help prepare you for your (formal) Part 66 module examination.

You will complete online training with or without voice over. Then you will complete an online examination and print your certificate of competence. The online examination is representative of the Part 66 standard you will be expected to meet.