May I suggest changes to the SOL courses?

We are very happy when our delegates suggest improvements or changes and if we can embrace the suggestion we usually act in the most proactive way. This Includes also Grammatical Improvements and Typographical Errors. 

We are pleased to offer discounts and other benefits for delegates who wish to support our ongoing development depending on the level of engagement. with more than 75000 Slides in current use, we strive to ensure the best presentation for our clients.

Please note the importance of providing feedback in an effective way and if you are happy to provide Sofema Online with Feedback please kindly see the following link.

It is our objective to continually improve our product and to do so we need your help and support.

Please check out our Linkedin Group - Sofema Online User Forum where we encourage our delegates to ask any questions or to seek guidance related to any of the subjects we cover.