Concerning Accountancy Queries and Retrospective Support to Clients

Sofema Aviation Services provides a Pro forma Invoice and on receipt of payment for Full VAT Invoice. The discharges our fiduciary responsibility in accordance with European Accounting Requirements. When a client has a special request to provide a formal invoice to enable payment - SAS will endeavor to support the final invoice which should show the actual amount received to avoid accounting errors.

Important Note: Any discrepancies regarding actual funds received will require SAS to re-issue the final invoice – which may require the client to update their accounts.

Should a Client require additional support to investigate anomalies please note the following:

·        Within 6 months of issuing an invoice we will re-issue as requested without charge.
·        From 6 months to 1 year, there is a service charge of 50 EUR for accountancy support per single event.
·        After 1 year the fee for financial accountancy support is 100 EUR for a single event.
·        In the event that a detailed analysis is required we need to involve our external accountants and in this case the charge per event is 200 EUR (min) per request. The fee may increase where we are required to go back to review archived data.
·        All fees to be agreed and paid before commencement of support activity.