The purpose of Voice Over & What do we mean by Voice Over?

Some of our competitors use an automatic computer voice which reads the slide aloud (very painful). Others arrange for students or others to read the material without realising the context of what they are reading - better but also not adding value.

Sofema Voice Over is added by an instructor with at least 20 years of subject matter experience - it is not slide reading and is not intended to completely align with the slides rather it is intended to advance the knowledge of what is essentially a stand-alone course with additional insight.

General Note: All slides have a voice-over - it is not our intention to read the slides, rather It is the intention to share knowledge regarding the subject matter.

We operate with the understanding that the delegates are more than competent to read the slides and our objective is to try to share more information as if we were in the same room together having a conversation - not always achievable but never the less an objective.