Corporate Freedom Pass Optimum Management

To enable the most efficient delivery of the program including the administrative management and enrollment process please take note of the following:

· We want you to benefit from the maximum use of the CFP so we ask you to nominate your program manager who will both manage your training Program and communicate enrollments with the Sofema Online Admin Team

· Using the provided enrollment request form to complete and send to a special email created to support the corporate enrollment process [email protected]

· Enrollments will normally be completed no later than 24 hours following the request using the provided enrollment form. Typically requests during AM will be completed the same day and requests during PM will be completed at the start of business during the following workday

· For maximum benefit and mutual convenience please advise enrollments for the following day in advance so that the requests may be expedited by our admin team

· We encourage our clients to manage the available concurrent training slots in an efficient and effective way so that they will receive the maximum benefit

· We recognize that changes will occur during the day so any updates you provide will be added to previously requested and actioned during the daily updates

With CFP you have a nominal availability of training days – CFP 5 – 1200 / CFP 7 - 1680 / CFP 10 – 2400 / CFP 15 – 3600 however to note the nominal training days indicated does not include the weekends which are available if you choose to use.

Note  – To encourage full use of the system our admin support team is available to support weekend daily enrollments.