Can I extend or reassign courses as a corporate user?

Sofema Online Promotes the most cost-effective solutions for our clients so we encourage clients to bulk purchase to achieve the best possible discounts – such purchased courses are valid for the year of purchase and may be rolled over for a further six months after which they expire. Such courses are considered as slots purchased but not assigned.

Once a course is assigned to a user, it may only be resigned to another user only within the first month if it has not been started. Outside of the first month, it is not possible to re-assign and it is necessary to purchase a new course  

Please Note effective 1st January 2023 extensions are no longer available for any course or package, therefore it is important to complete the course or courses within the allotted period of 9, 12, or 15 months.

It is vitally important to be clear and transparent for both Sofema Online and our customers to minimize our administrative burden. We therefore kindly ask our customers to plan ahead and to ensure all delegates complete the training in a timely and diligent manner.