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SofemaОnline is pleased to announce the release the series of 3 EASA Production Planning online courses offered with a special package discount price of only 170 EUR.


Production Planning Basics

Developing More Effective Production Planning Processes
Production Planning Management and Oversight

The courses are complementary to each other and taken together are available at a special discount price of 170 EUR instead of normal price (255.00 EUR).

All of these courses include links to relevant video presentations which will be very useful for additional understanding. Each separate course is followed by is a multi-choice exam and on successful completion of the exam, you may print out your personal certificate.

With a high student success rate offers an unrivaled opportunity to benefit from a practical, professional and cost effective training program.

Production Planning Basics
Aircraft Production Planning belongs to the Maintenance Organisation and is related to the size of the organisation, from a very humble structure to an intensive business management process.
There is much opportunity available within the Production Planning business area to deliver savings and the challenge is to identify efficient business processes that can be used to gather the data, analyze and measure the opportunities and finally to act on this.
This Training introduces the delegate to the basics of the EASA 145 Production Planning Process and considers the elements which are involved to deliver an effective Production Planning System.

Production Planning Management and Oversight
Production Planning belongs to the Part 145 Organisation, this training focuses on the role of Management within the Production Planning function by considering the interface and the role of Maintenance Planning and the Approved Maintenance Program, to consider the Regulatory environment and the responsibilities of the nominated Post Holder.
The importance of Managing Competencies is considered as well as understanding the Quality Control Process in Production Planning.
Human Factors in relation to the Production Planning Environment Management of Contracts and the role of Safety Management Systems within the Production Environment.

Developing More Effective Production Planning Processes
This course looks at a variety of elements which will prepare you for delivering optimizations within your workplace. The most cost effective maintenance requires proportionate planning to provide the best outcomes. The need for successful reporting at the beginning and throughout the maintenance check should be considered as a requirement of the highest order. Over time we gain experience on a particular aircraft type to the point where we can reasonably predict or anticipate the requirement in respect of manpower and other pre requisites which will help the pre-planning and our ability to cope with unforeseen circumstances.

3 certificates will be available for you to download following successful course and examination completion.

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Course type: Promo Package
Package consists of: 
Production Planning Basics
Developing More Effective Production Planning Processes
Production Planning Management and Oversight
Price: 255.00 170 EUR


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AMO Learning Path Diploma

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