EASA Part 21 Subpart G & J Foundation

part21 15Brochure ButtonSubpart J regulatory approval provides for the Design of Aircraft and Components Design Organisation Approval (DOA) and Subpart G provides for a Production Organization approval (POA).

Whilst the primary function of the DOA holder is to assume full responsibility for all designed product (Initial Airworthiness) including the need to support Continued Airworthiness of the designed product. The role of the POA relates in part to the role of (Continued Airworthiness) the primary function of the organization is Initial Airworthiness in respect of managing the production of Products Parts and Appliances for use on aircraft, the process is regulated in accordance with the requirements of Part 21

Organisations approved to manufacture in accordance with PART 21 Subpart G are approved to issue EASA Form One in respect of the Products Parts and Appliances.


- Introduction to EASA Part 21 Regulatory Environment
- Airworthiness Principles & Continuing Airworthiness
- Commission Regulation 748 / 2012
- Understanding the Certification and Approval Process
- Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)
- Repair Approval Procedures
- Equipment Approval Procedures
- EASA Delegation Processes (Part 21 Subpart J)


Nominated personnel and other key personnel in Part 21 / CAR 21 Design & Production Organisations, Quality Managers/ Quality Auditors and Airline CAMO Staff.

Regulators and persons interested in obtaining a detailed understanding of the Design, Certification and Production of Aircraft Parts.


It is not necessary to have prior knowledge to participate in this training.


-A detailed understanding of Aviation Product Design and Production regulatory driven processes.
-A thorough understanding of the associated terminology and procedures including changes to Type Design, Control of Supplementary Type Certificates (STC) (modifications) and repairs.
-This training is intended to focus on the essential elements to provide a comprehensive understanding of the entire Design Organization / Production Organization Process.
-EASA Part 21 & CAR 21 Differences will also be covered during this training.


Course type: Presentation without voice over

Duration equivalent to half-day classroom training
Category: Part 21 / Foundation Series
Price: 63 EUR


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