14 CFR Part 43 Recurrent

FAA UAE Regulations 09

Brochure ButtonOf all the parts that make up FAA regulations in Chapter 1 of Title 14, Aeronautics and Space in the Code of Federal Regulations, only one part speaks solely to mechanics.

Part 43 is that rule.

It sets the requirements for what kinds of U.S. registered aircraft mechanics can work on, who can work on the aircraft and who can sign off the aircraft’s logbook.

It also defines the standards for the work which is performed and record keeping requirements.


- Terms and Definition
- Classification of Technical Data
- Review of “Airworthy”
- Applicability of 14 CFR Part 43
- Who Can Work on an Aircraft?
- Who can Sign-off Work on an Aircraft?
- Performance Rules
- Recordkeeping
- Part 43 Appendices


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