Production Planning Basics

Part 145 07

Brochure ButtonAircraft Production Planning belongs to the Maintenance Organisation and is related to the size of the organisation, from a very humble structure to an intensive business management process.

There is much opportunity available within the Production Planning business area to deliver savings and the challenge is to identify efficient business processes that can be used to gather the data, analyze and measure the opportunities and finally to act on this.

This Training introduces the delegate to the basics of the EASA 145 Production Planning Process and considers the elements which are involved to deliver an effective Production Planning System.

Production Planning Basics – (Part 1)
The course covers the following contents of EASA 145 Production Planning.
This training includes links to relevant video presentations.


It is for anyone with an interest to get deeper into EASA Part 145 Production Planning, from newcomers to Post Holders.

Basically the course will be of interest from New Entrants in Aircraft Maintenance wishing to understand the regulations, through to Accountable Executives and Post Holders who need a deeper understanding of the efficiencies which may be driven by an effective maintenance Planning process.


a) To achieve a detailed understanding of the regulatory environment related to EASA Part 145 Production Planning
b) Be able to explain the roles and responsibilities related to the interface between Maintenance and Production Planning.
c) Be able to explain and promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of Production Planning in particular to include all the fundamental activities.
d) Be able to use the regulation to proactively manage full compliance within EASA Part 145 Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) Production Planning Environment.
e) To achieve an understanding regarding industry best practice techniques to deliver efficiencies as well as effective Production Planning.
f) To be able to promote an understanding the Role of Safety Management Systems both within base maintenance in general as well as in the area of Production Planning particularly
g) Understanding the various challenges which face an organisation to optimise the Production Planning Process.
h) Identify Specific issues which are both organisational and Industry specific.


-The Basics of Production Planning – Bringing together the key elements
-Understanding the generation of the Work Package-Task Packaging
-145.A.40 Equipment, Tools And Materials
-145.A.42 Acceptance of components
-145.A.45 Maintenance data
-145.A.47 Production Planning
-Man-hours Planning and Estimation
-The importance of Considering AD’s SB’s and Mods


All personnel with duties and/or responsibilities in the Production Planning environment. Quality Assurance Staff. Also of Interest to persons working in a CAMO or Part M Quality System.


General Awareness of the structure and functionality of the EASA Part 145 Process. Good understanding of EASA Part 145.A.47 an advantage.


To provide delegates with:

- A detailed understanding of the regulatory environment
- Consideration of the interface between Maintenance and Production Planning.
- To promote a comprehensive understanding of the role of Production Planning in particular all fundamental activities.
- To deliver a comprehensive understanding of best practice processes to meet the challenge of effective Production Planning.


Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 1-day classroom training
Category: Part 145
Price: 85 EUR


This course is part of the following programs:
Maintenance Control Centre Combined Planning Training Package
Production Planning Package
Special EASA 145 Package


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