Aircraft Technical Leasing – EASA Learning Path Diploma

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Aircraft Technical Leasing – EASA Learning Path Diploma

Meeting the challenge of introducing a new aircraft into your company fleet or preparing for an end of lease transition.

How does Maintenance Planning & Technical Records Department Prepare to ensure an Aircraft is optimized for lease return - potentially saving your company multiple 000,s (An Engine Midlife Can Cost 2.5 Million USD)

How does a current member of a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) broaden their knowledge to ensure full engagement with a lease return or additional aircraft to your fleet.?

Answer - By Completing the Sofema Online Aircraft Technical Leasing - EASA Learning Path Diploma!

Please make no mistake this is a lot of study material, however if you are genuine about growing your knowledge and developing your career this is a practical route to achieve.Achieving a Sofema Online Technical Leasing Diploma will provide you with evidence of a wide understanding of Technical Leasing Obligations and Technical Management Requirements.

Grow your Competence with Sofema Online Learning Path Diploma!

Demonstrate your high level of knowledge across multiple subject areas within a core business unit.The Sofema Online Learning Diploma is the perfect way to demonstrate to your employer or future employer that you have achieved a basic understanding of the subject matter across a range of related topics.

• Benefit from a Substantial Multi Course Special Discount
• Print multiple course completion certificates online
• Receive Your Hard Copy Diploma worldwide upon completion

 Q Aircraft Technical Leasing EASA Learning Path Diploma Consists of:

1.EASA Part M Maintenance Planning Essentials for Lease Companies (125.00 EUR )
2. Managing Aircraft Lease Agreements and Maintenance Reserves (170.00 EUR)
3. Aircraft Technical Records Specialist Lease Management for CAMO & TR Staff (125.00 EUR)
4. EASA Part 21 Review for CAMO Staff (125.00 EUR)
5. Logistics & Stores Inspection EASA & FAA Suspect Parts Training (85.00 EUR)
6. FAA & EASA TSO - ETSO (63.00 EUR)
7. AD, SB & Repair Considerations for EASA CAMO (85.00 EUR)
8. FAA & EASA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) training (63.00 EUR)
9. Aviation Leadership - Negotiating Skills (85.00 EUR)
10.EASA Recurrent Updates Parts (M-CAMO-145-21) (85.00 EUR)
11. Aviation Leadership and Management Skills Development - The Art of Strategic Persuasion (63.00 EUR)


Regular price of the courses when undertaken individually - 1074 EUR

Special Price to obtain your Diploma with SofemaOnline Learning Development = 645 EUR

Purchasing this Package you will save 429 EUR

Deferred payment option - 3 monthly payments of 226 EUR

Deferred Payment Terms

The amount may be spread over 3 payments.

226 EUR - initial payment (open the first 3 courses)
226 EUR - second payment typically after 5 months or when requested by the client (open the second batch of 4 courses)
226 EUR - third payment typically after 10 months after the first payment or when requested by the client (open the final 4 courses)


a) Each course will remain open for 5 months from the individual start date
b) The entire program must be completed within a 15-month period
c) Any extensions will be charged at 50% of the “Regular” rate for the course
d) The Diploma will only be issued once all the courses are completed

Important: Once purchased the courses will be available in My Courses tab, or use the links provided on this page.