Aviation Safety Management System Introduction

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Brochure ButtonWith SMS we have a set of regulations, which allow Industry to establish best-practice that fits different cultures and place the main emphasis and duty on improving safety performance.

This requires a real “team effort” as regulators and airlines are all part of one large system.

Working as a team it will be possible to improve an already highly impressive safety record and allow organisations to conduct more of their own oversight and assurance.
This two-hour training course develops an understanding of the organisation’s responsibility and how the key managers and executives can play a role in assisting in delivering a strong SMS.



Sharing our SMS Understandings

The Evolution of Safety Thinking

Components of a Safety Management System (SMS)

SMS Commitment

Hazard Management & Risk Assessment Processes – Five Fundamentals

Management of Change

Introduction to Emergency Response Planning


This 2-hour SMS introduction training is designed for employees at all levels within the organisation who are responsible for or involved in safety management and risk mitigation processes.


General Awareness of the structure and functionality of the EASA Regulatory framework –Previous Auditing experience is not required.


Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to 2-hours classroom training
Category: Safety Management System (SMS) & Security
Price: 49 EUR


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