Module 7 - Maintenance Practices for cat. B1

M7 PicMaintenance practices is one of the most important modules that aircraft technicians should never take lightly. Knowing safety precautions, workshop safety, flight-line safety, knowing the proper method to inspect each component of an aircraft, from a corroded bolt to a lightning strike damage, helps avoiding flight crashes, maintains good aircraft performance, ensures passenger and engineer safety and helps extend the life of the aircraft.

Module 7 also describes tools used by aircraft technicians, from common tools to precision instruments, it teaches students how to interpret engineering drawings and diagrams, it details aircraft handling and storage procedures, metal repair procedures (welding, soldering and bonding), maintenance and preventative maintenance techniques.

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  1. Safety Precautions
  2. Workshop Practices
  3. Tools
  4. Avionic General Test Equipment
  5. Engineering Drawing, Diagrams and Standards
  6. Fits and Clearances
  7. Riveting
  8. Pipes and Hoses
  9. Springs
  10. Bearings
  11. Transmissions
  12. Control Cables
  13. Sheet Metal Work
  14. Welding, Soldering and Bonding
  15. Aircraft Mass and Balance
  16. Aircraft Handling and Storage
  17. Preventative Maintenance Techniques
  18. Maintenance Procedures


About this course

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Duration equivalent to 5 day classroom training
Category: Part 66
Price: 225.00 USD


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