Module 13 - Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems

Module 13 - Aircraft Aerodynamics, Structures and SystemsThis module provides a holistic understanding of the design, function and operation of an aircraft’s significant structures and systems and how the aerodynamic interactions affect their design.

In the first part of the module, the students will gain the knowledge of the subject of aircraft aerodynamics and develop the awareness of flight and how the aerodynamic forces (lift and drag) are generated and affect an aircraft.

Further on, the module will provide an understanding of the design and construction of significant structural items, equipment, flight controls, instruments, all the systems which make the aircraft fly, take off and land, which maintain life and creates conditions for passengers and crew, which make the pilot aware of what is going on with the aircraft, in other words all there is to know about aircrafts.

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Theory of flight
Structures; general concepts
Autoflight (ATA 22)
Communication/Navigation (ATA 23/34)
Electrical Power (ATA 24)
Equipment and Furnishings (ATA 25)
Flight Controls (ATA 27)
Instruments (ATA 31)
Lights (ATA 33)
On Board Maintenance Systems (ATA 45)
Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressurisation (ATA 21)

Fire Protection (ATA 26)
Fuel Systems (ATA 28)
Hydraulic Power (ATA 29)
Ice and Rain Protection (ATA 30)
Landing (ATA 32)
Oxygen (ATA 35)
Pneumatic/Vacuum (ATA 36)
Water/Waste (ATA 38)
Integrated Modular Avionics (ATA 42)
Cabin Systems (ATA 44)
Information Systems (ATA 46)

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