Module 16 - Piston Engine

M16 Piston EnginePiston engines, also known as reciprocating engines, are those type of engines which use one or more reciprocating pistons to convert pressure into a rotating motion and are descendents of steam engines which first appeared in the early 17th century. A century later, the German inventors Nicolaus Otto and Gottlieb Daimler introduced gasoline as the fuel, burned directly within the cylinders. Such motors were lighter and more mobile than steam engines, more reliable, and easier to start.

Reciprocating engine technology in aviation has advanced tremendously in the last dozen years, even if by appearances these latest aircraft engines seem little changed.

This module introduce you to the piston engine fundamentals, construction, engine fuel systems, starting and ignition systems, supercharging and turbocharging, lubricants and fuels that have to be used for proper functionality, monitoring, storage and preservation for this type of engine.


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Engine Performance
Engine Construction
Engine Fuel Systems
Starting and Ignition Systems
Induction, Exhaust and Cooling Systems
Lubricants and Fuels
Lubrication Systems
Engine Indication Systems
Powerplant Installation
Engine Monitoring and Ground Operation
Engine Storage and Preservation

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