Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive with VO

ESDS PicThe primary goal of this training is to focus your understanding on the requirements of the organisation to manage effectively Electrostatic Discharge Sensitive components and devices.

The age of electronics brought with it new problems associated with static electricity and electrostatic discharge.

As electronic devices became faster and smaller, their sensitivity to ESDS increased. ESD is a very dangerous hidden enemy of Electrical and Electronic hardware, Components, devices and Circuit Boards.

Today, ESDS impacts productivity and product reliability in virtually every aspect of today's electronics environment.


- Introduction
- More About Static
- Storage Conditions Regulatory Requirements
- What is ESDS?
- ESDS Identification
- Handling of ESDS Devices
- ESDS Work Stations
- ESDS Procedures
- Electrostatic Sensitive Discharge (ESDS) Components and Parts Packaging & Dispatch Considerations
- ESDS The Current Position
- Failure Conditions
- Summary
- Testing

About this course

Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to half day classroom training
Category: ESDS
Price: 52.50 USD


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