EASA AMO/CAMO Quality Package for New Auditors

EASA AMO CAMO Quality Package for New AuditorsSofemaOnline is pleased to make a special offer aimed specifically at Continuous Airworthiness Management (CAMO) and Aircraft Maintenance Organisation (AMO) Quality Assurance Staff.

The program consists of:

Aviation Quality & Compliance Auditing in an EASA Environment with VO
Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft with VO with VO
Part 145 Essentials with VO

Pass 3 exams and receive 3 certificates with this convenient package.

The courses are specifically aimed at Persons wishing to engage in Quality Assurance Auditing within both the CAMO and AMO environments whilst beneficial as recurrent training will also appeal to new auditors and should appeal to companies who may be interested to sign up groups of Staff for these courses.

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As the delegates will sit an online exam and be able to print a certificate, completing the courses will support the development of Competence in an effective way.

All courses are with Voice Over and after completion of each separate course you are able to print a certificate

This package offers outstanding value and provides an effective learning path for all persons wishing to raise an understanding regarding the functioning of the EASA QMS System within an EASA Part M Part 145 environment

Benefits of the package

a) Familiarization regarding EASA Part M & Part 145
b) Review of EASA Quality System Requirements, Safety Management Systems (SMS) & Compliance Monitoring.
c) A detailed understanding of an EASA compliant Aviation Quality System, to understand how Quality Assurance should be positioned at the heart of the operation, fully functioning within every department and element of the organisation.
d) Understand the basic philosophy of how we should interact with the organization's Safety Management System (SMS)

About this course

Course type: Promo Package
Package consists of: 
Aviation Quality & Compliance Auditing in an EASA Environment with VO
Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft with VO
Part 145 Essentials with VO
Price: 209.00 USD

Important: once purchased the courses will be available in My Courses tab, or use the links provided on this page.