Root Cause Analysis for Quality Assurance Practitioners

Root Cause Analysis for Quality Assurance Practitioners PicThe ability to understand exposure and to analyze root causes are without doubt essential skills for auditors and managers alike.

The purpose of this training is to identify best practice techniques and behaviours to support the delivery of effective Root Cause Analysis. This course is intended to be highly practical and to help the delegate focus on the 5 elements which exist within a finding or issue.

1. The finding – What is the problem?
2. Why is it a problem – What standard has not been met (is it internal or external)?
3. Why did it happen?  – Here we consider Root Cause.
4. What is the consequence? – Risk or opportunity considered.
5. Corrective action disposition – Who, What & When?
The outcomes of such activities play a significant role in supporting the organization to achieve its goals to not just maintain, but to exceed regulatory compliance.

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- Introduction
- Abbreviations and Terms
- Quality Review & Delivery of Effective Audits
- Practical understanding of the role of Root Cause
- Identification of Root Cause
- Root Cause Analysis
- Developing Preventative Strategies and the role of Performance Auditing
- Performing and Managing Investigations
- Management Reporting Process

About this course

Course type: Presentation without voice over
Approximate duration: up to 3.5 hours training
Category: SMS & Quality
Price: 52.50 USD


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