Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance (Initial) with VO

Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance Initial PicThe aim of the course is to give delegates a full introduction to Aircraft Maintenance Human Factors. The course meets the full intent of EASA 145 requirements (Initial human factors training should cover all the topics of the training syllabus specified in GM 145.A.30 (e)).

The training will introduce the delegates to all elements of Aviation Human Factors with the intention of providing a better understanding of the subject and to find workable methods to improve standards and compliance.It’s objectives are to recurrent the implications of error, the organisation’s safety culture, its procedures and safety policy and methods of communication.




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Who is the training course for:

For anyone who wishes to engage with the aviation maintenance system or who has an organisational obligation to ensure completion of Initial Human Factors Training.

The training will also be of benefit for anyone who needs to understand, manage and support the need to fully engage with human interaction within the organisation.

This course is aimed at:

- Post-holders, managers, supervisors
- Certifying staff, technicians, and mechanics
- Technical support personnel such as, planners, engineers, technical record staff
- Quality control/assurance staff
- Specialised services staff
- Human factors staff/ human factors trainers
- Store department staff, purchasing department staff
- Ground equipment operators
- Contract staff in the above categories

What is the Benefit of this Training – What will I learn?

- Be able to demonstrate compliance with EASA Part 145 A.30 Human Factor Training Requirements
- Achieve an in depth understanding regarding basic Aviation Human Factors concepts
- Be able to consider Human Factors knowledge and integrate into key areas of aviation maintenance
- Familiarise with key human performance issues relevant to Maintenance Operations
- Be able to apply operational Human Factors knowledge to maintenance error investigations
- Achieve a strong Understanding of Human Factor Principles
- Be able to consider human performance limitations as well as the potential impact on the daily routine


1. Abbreviations
2. Why Human Factors ?
3. Top 12 Precursors
4. Error Models
5. Landmark Incidents and Accidents
6. Human Factor Related Statistics
7. Safety Culture Organization Factors
8. Human Factors in Aviation the Implications of Errors and How to Avoid and Manage Errors
9. Types of Violation in Maintenance
10. Types of Errors and Strategies
11. Human Performance and Limitations

12. Information Processing
13. Sleep Fatigue and Shift Work
14. Stress – Causes and Symptoms
15. Physical & Non – Physical Limitations– Motivation and Demotivation
16. Procedures Information and Practices
17. Communication
18. Team work – Concepts
19. Safety Behaviour and SMS
20. Organisation’s Human Factors Program
21. Environment



About this course

Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to 2 day classroom training
Category: Human Factors
Price: 117.50 USD


2 to 4 courses/delegates - 10%
5 to 9 courses/delegates - 15%
10 to 24 courses/delegates - 20%
25 to 49 courses/delegates - 30%
> 50 courses/delegates - 40%

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