EWIS for Target Groups 1 and 2 (Initial) with VO

EOL imageElectrical Wiring Interconnect System EWIS Training was issued as an EASA requirement in the summer of 2008. AMC 20-22 makes It very clear as to the requirements which are to be complied with to ensure the organisation remains in conformity with EASA regulatory requirements.

This Initial training is specifically aimed at Target Groups 1 and 2 personnel who perform EWIS inspection and Personnel who perform EWIS maintenance.

After attending this course, participants should be able to understand of the specific requirements, having in mind that it is required to develop this training further within its organisation particular to reflect the organisation’s aircraft types and wiring practices.

Please Note for Group 1 & Group 2 Practical Training Elements

That the practical elements are not able to be dealt with in the most satisfactory way for example Zonal Inspection and Module G – Connective Device Repair.

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For this reason we offer the possibility of either:

a) Separately organized practical training with a live instructor
b) Practical training completed within a 145 environment and authorized by the organisations system.

When we receive a completed task sheet signed and stamped off by a Part 145 Organisation Quality System which confirms the competence of the delegate we are able to issue an additional certificate for a nominal amount. 


EWIS Background
Why are we training EWIS?
Swissair 111 / BA 737-436, G-DOCH
AMC 20-21
Development of EWIS Inspection
AMC 20-8 - Mandatory Reporting
Standard Practices
Tools Special Tools & Equipment


Calibration & Certification Tools & Equipment
LRU Replacement General Practice
Wiring Practice Documentation
Minimum ESWPM Content
Human Factors and EWIS
Zonal Areas of Inspection and Levels
EWIS - Areas of Concern
Identification of Wiring
Inspection of Wiring
Inspection and Repair of Connective Devices


About this course

Course type: Presentation with voice over
Duration equivalent to 2 day classroom training
Category: EWIS
Price: 117.50 USD


2 to 4 courses/delegates - 10%
5 to 9 courses/delegates - 15%
10 to 24 courses/delegates - 20%
25 to 49 courses/delegates - 30%
> 50 courses/delegates - 40%

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