Part M Essentials plus Aircraft Technical Records

PartMandATR PicComplete the "puzzle" with our newest offer to combine Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft with Aircraft Technical Records for only 155 USD.

Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft

To introduce delegates to the working of the Part M Regulatory Structure and to enable a full understanding of the operator’s responsibilities, contracted arrangements, Subpart G responsibilities.
To provide a general overview of all parts of EASA Part M and to provide in details an in depth understanding of Subparts C, G and I, in addition to provide a full understanding of the regulations relating to C of A’s and ARCs. It looks in detail at required procedures, responsibilities and tasks.

The training is very practical with many examples which can support the application of knowledge which is gained during the training. The training is intended to satisfy the needs of the Accountable Manager, CAMO Post Holders, Maintenance Post Holders, Quality Managers and Part 145 maintenance organisations wishing to gain Part M Subpart G approval.

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Aircraft Technical Records

Technical records is the hub of the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) group and it is usually the starting point for internal, external and regulatory audits, typical duties of a Tech Records Officer include the following

- Update & Monitor Removal/ Installation of Aircraft/ Engines/ APU/ Propeller Assembly and components inc A/C Hours Cycs & Lndgs.
- Updating/preparing complied AD, SB, and Monthly Status Reports carried out on Aircrafts/ Engines/ Propellers
- Build-up/ Update Engine, APU & Major Components
- Review and File Aircraft work packages (light and heavy checks, out of phase items, and modifications)

Prepare/ Consolidate/ Validate Technical Documents for Audits by QA, GCAA and other audit bodies
- Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC) preparation for extension and renewal

The delegate will be introduced to the regulatory requirements driven by compliance with EASA Part M and GCAA CAR M. as well as EASA Part 145 / CAR 145.

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Part M Essentials for Large Aircraft
Aircraft Technical Records

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