Module 5 - Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument System for cat. B1.1 and B1.3

M5 PicThe use of digital computers in aircraft design was developed by large aerospace companies and included technique such as CAD, CAM, and structural component stress analysis using FEA for aerodynamic modeling.

Today’s aircraft rely on digital technology and electronic systems not just for navigation and communications, but even for flight controls, system monitoring, maintenance planning and more.

Throughout this course, students will become familiarized with the basic concepts of digital techniques, with numbering systems, digital circuits, logic gates, data buses and so will understand how digital techniques have been used to develop electronic equipment for highly sophisticated applications used in avionics nowadays. They will learn about electronic flight systems and instruments of aircrafts (EFIS, EADI, EHSI, EICAS, ECAM, ADIRS, SEI, DFDR etc), they will understand what fly-by-wire means and how FLS and DFLD documentation has to be handled.

This module teaches what a mechanical technician needs to know for understanding these systems and for gaining the ability to work around them in an efficient and safe manner.

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Numbering Systems
Digital Circuits
Electronic Gate Operation
Adders and Subtractors
Logic Circuits in Aircraft Applications
Sequential / Combinational Logic
Encoders and Decoders
Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
Basic Computer Structure
Microprocessor Structure and Operation
Data Buses
Fiber Optics
Light Sources and Detectors
Maintenance Testing and Repair
Practical Systems
Electrostatic Sensitive Devices

Software Management Control
Release of FLS and DFLD
Documentation of FLS and DFLD
FLS/DFLD Storage Media Handling
Electronic Displays
Electronic Instruments
Digital Flight Data Recording System (DFDR)
Digital Air Data Computer (DADC)
Inertial Reference System (IRS)
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
Flight Management System (FMS)
Flight Management Computer (FMC)
Information Management Systems on B777
Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA)
IMA Systems
Electromagnetic Environment


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Category: Part 66
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