EASA Part 145 Third Country Regulatory Training Support by Sofema Online

EASA Part 145 Third Country Regulatory Training Support by Sofema OnlineSofema Online (SOL) www.sofemaonline.com presents multiple solutions to support Third Country 145 Approval Holders. 

Since 2008 Sofema has been providing training on a variety of subjects.

Here we look at a sample of the courses available for EASA Compliant 145 Organisations.

During 2022 Sofema Online has enrolled over 24,000 Delegates and we are growing because of our continuing policy of client support and engagement. With multiple training solutions to suit every organisational budget, Sofema Online is able to offer a convenient and effective online training solution.

EASA Part 66 Module 9 & 10 Solution

Sofema Online provides a training solution related to the requirement to comply with EASA Third Countries 145 Part 66 Module 9 & Part 66 Module 10 Regulatory Training – See here for details

>> Note: Some 100’s of Third Country 145 delegates have completed Module 9 & 10 Training with Sofema Online as a cost-effective solution specifically designed for Third Country Certifying Staff.

Sofema Online Provides Specific Support for Third Country 145 organisations with Course Learning Objectives (CLOs)

>> SOL offers the following Course Learning Objectives (CLOs) to enable our clients to verify course content compliance with regulatory & vocational objectives.
>> Ensure the course meets your expectations related to regulatory authority expectations.
>> Print the CLO to retain the course certificate as part of the competence management process.
>> Share the CLO with Regulatory Authorities and Auditors to demonstrate an acceptable level of course content.
>> CLOs are intended to provide clear, concise statements of what learners will be able to demonstrate or perform at the conclusion of each element of instructional content. See details

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>> SAS & SOL PTP Program which enables our clients to receive preferential discounts and support. Read more 
>> Enroll Now Pay Later - Corporate Clients Gain Immediate Access to online regulatory courses. See here for details
>> Corporate Freedom Pass offers Multiple Concurrent licenses to gain the maximum use of the Sofema Online Platform. Check it out
>> Sofema Online provides Free of Charge Guest Enrollment to enable the assessment and Audit of Sofema Online Courses. Learn more

Leadership Team Training

>> Accountable Manager and Post Holder (Nominated Persons) Core Regulatory Obligations
>> SMS for Accountable Managers, Nominated Post Holders and Key Executives
>> Accountable Manager and Post Holder (NP) 145 Organisation Regulatory Training Program
>> EASA Part 145 Regulations Initial & Recurrent

Certifying Staff Training

>> EASA Part 66 Module 9 & Module 10
>> Initial & Recurrent Training - Human Factors /SMS Combined
>> Initial & Recurrent Training – Fuel Tank Safety & EWIS
>> Inspection Standards Initial & Recurrent.
>> EASA Part 145 Regulations Initial & Recurrent

Quality & Safety Personnel

>> EASA Part 145 Safety System Development Package
>> Quality Initial & Advanced Auditing
>> Root Cause Techniques
>> EASA Part 145 Regulations Initial & Recurrent
>> Safety Management Systems Risk Monitoring and Safety Performance Overview and Recurrent
>> EASA Part 145 SMS Implementation

Production Planning Staff

>> EASA Part 145 Regulations Initial & Recurrent
>> Production Planning Basics, Management and Development

Stores and Logistics Personnel

>> Suspect Parts
>> Stores Inspection Procedures
>> Electrostatic Sensitive Discharge Procedures (ESDS)

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