SOL Plus

shutterstock SOANSOL Plus is a Members Group for Individuals which recognizes customer loyalty to SofemaOnline.

How to join SOL Plus?

1. Purchase any Sofema course in your own name

2. Email SofemaOnline at with a request for enrolment in SOL Plus

3. You will then be provided with your SOL Plus registration number

4. Next time you book a training simply provide your SOL Plus number and we will automatically apply your discount

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Enrolment is available:

Following the completion of any single training course in your own name (either Company Sponsorship or Personal is acceptable)

Benefits of becoming a Member of SOL Plus:

• 1 Free Course of your choice you join SOL Plus (Available After 30 Days of Membership)

• Support and Guidance for Career Path Development

• Minimum 20% from the price of any Single Course

• 25% for 2 Single Courses taken together

• 10% from the price of any Package

• 10% from the price of any Diploma

• Discount 20% from the standard price of Freedom Pass = 1099 EUR (instead of 1375 EUR)

SOL Plus Offers will be available which will only apply to members of the network

SOL Plus members will be receiving a monthly letter providing advance notice of special offers

• Quote the membership № to receive preferential treatment as well as regulatory support and consultation often without cost

• Provide guidance regarding training courses you would like to see available online and we will prioritise your request once the course meets the basic criteria for inclusion online

*Note - Based on SofemaOnline Normal Course, Package and Diploma Prices – Not Applicable to Special Offers which have already benefited from SOL Discount Program

1 Free course Every Year

Enrol in 1 Free Course of your choice when you join SOL Plus and every year thereafter*

• Choose a course with a duration of up to 1-day classroom training and get it for free

• If you wish to take a course with a longer duration or a package, we will apply a 79.50 EUR discount towards the cost of the course/package

*Note: Each year of SOL Plus membership, 1 free course will be available provided at least 1 paid course has been completed during the preceding year.