Introducing a New Way to Access Sofema Online Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses!

Freedom min


Access all Sofema Online Regulatory & Vocational Training Courses with our Monthly Subscription Plan or Pay Yearly & Pay 6 Monthly Options

Providing a 1-year opportunity to enroll in every Sofema Online (SOL) Course during your program membership.

See the full Portfolio of Available Courses Here.

Request your Freedom Pass with an email to

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Freedom Pass for Opportunity, Value for Money & Competence Building

            ·       Undertake as many courses as you wish - You have the Freedom!

           ·       Amazing Value, access a huge portfolio including Package’s and Diplomas for less than the cost of one equivalent 2-day course with several of competitors

           ·       Prepare for Career Advancement by Acquiring Regulatory Knowledge across a Broad Area

           ·       Choose the Courses you always wished to complete (Now you can afford)

           ·       Why not add the leadership Diploma to your package? (Everything is included!)

QWhat is the SOL Freedom Pass (FP)?

FP Provides access to our Full portfolio of o
ver 300 Courses, Packages & Diploma’s Currently Available.

QHow much does the Freedom Pass cost?

      ·       Single Payment 12 Months - 1375 EUR

           ·       Single Payment 6 Months - 925 EUR

           ·       Pay Monthly Option* - Monthly Freedom Pass (MFP) 128.00 EUR per month (Payment by Pay Pal, Credit Card or Revolut)

Ask about a special discount to offset any SOL spend over the previous 2 months (This allows you to try any course and to benefit from the cost of your Freedom Pass.)

*Note: Minimum Subscription for MFP is for 12 months Security Deposit equal to 1 month’s subscription is required.

QHow many persons have enrolled in Sofema Online Courses since last year?

·       Over 24,500 enrolments during 2022


QAbout Freedom Pass Use & Validity?

           ·       Each Freedom Pass is available to the registered User only for a period of 12 or 6 months from the issue

           ·       Your Freedom Pass is personal to you and cannot be transferred to another person

           ·       FP Clients May have 3 Single Courses (one Package or one Diploma) added to "My Courses" to ensure continuity

           ·       Enrollments will normally be completed no later than 24 hours following the request by email to

           ·       You must Pass the Course to move on (Note our current failure rate is less than 0.05%)

o   3 attempts for Each Exam

o   Standard Rates Apply for Re-sits

Conditions for using the Freedom Pass

           ·       Strict User Policy Enforced the Freedom Pass is not transferrable

           ·       Full Payment Due on Enrolment (Excludes Monthly Freedom Pass)

           ·       The Freedom Pass is not a package it is total access to all courses so there is currently no relevance for any other previously offered discounts

           ·       Effective 1st April 2023 Sofema Online is pleased to offer a total value of up to 150 Euro Soft Copy Material Bonus for each year of Individual Freedom Pass or Monthly Freedom Pass. This allows the recipient up to 5 days equivalent of training material

           ·       An additional 6 months is available to complete the final course in which you are enrolled if required

We look forward to welcoming you to the program and wish you a great learning opportunity and experience!

Case Studies and Testimonials

Here for FP Case Studies & Testimonials.


QNext Steps

Please email to address any questions or to request your enrolment in the program.